Fun, fabulous and handmade with love.

After deciding that life wasn't giving her what she wanted, Nic began to retrain from her career in social services and become a teacher. However, it was whilst she began this new venture that she realised that her life needed some kind of creative outlet. She began to design jewellery in the back of her books and play around with makeup and glitter at home. Sitting in her favourite arm chair, playing with lashes and glitter, a friend told her that she should look at Etsy. Etsy? Having no clue what it was, she googled, pondered and thought...why not? Nic researched how to make the jewellery, came up with branding, arranged a photoshoot and by the end of the month she had opened a shop on Etsy and her tiny creative outlet had formed into a cute and glittery hobby.

It wasn't until she met a lovely lady from Not on the High Street, who was so excited about her lashes and jewellery, that she even thought about it becoming a proper business. Joining NOTHS in June, by November NicLove had won an award for best beauty product of the year for her Mermaid Glitter Lashes. Needless to say, her first year as an NQT teacher and having a 'business' that suddenly took off was incredibly hard and amazing all at the same time! She had to make a decision. The following year, NicLove went part time at school, had met a bunch of new maker friends and found a studio share.

NicLove has been an established brand since 2015. Focusing on all things girlie and glittery, Nic feels that products and imagery should reflect the brand and what they stand for. NicLove's products are designed by and hand made by Nic and all of her cosmetics are UK manufactured - vegan friendly.

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